Hi! I’m Marcus Chiu.

I’m currently a Student studying Bachelor of Science in CS at UTDComputer Vision Researcher at VirtualBloksAndroid Developer at GhoomoFullStack Developer at Kibo CommerceStudent studying Master’s in CS at UTD, Data Fabric Engineer at JPMC

In my free time, you’ll probably find me doing one of the following:

  • Working
  • Lying in bed
  • Reading Statistics 4th edition ~ David Freedman
  • Pondering about Genesis chapter 1 to 111 and Matthew chapter 6
  • Sitting on the floor working
  • Writing articles on confluence.marcuschiu.com
  • Writing articles on thoughts.marcuschiu.com
  • Figuring out what the word faith means
  • Adding movies to my to-watch-list and not watch it
  • Eating McDonalds
  • Anoyying my sister when she gets back on the weekends
  • Wondering what’s it like not being single
  • Replaying old songs I learned on the guitar and not learn new ones
  • Secretly crushing on a girl for 5 years and counting
  • Studying in cafes because I love white noise
  • Setting up and reconfiguring a Raspberry Pi cluster and Desktop Server
  • Wondering why anyone would read this